About the Pictomizer

There is a universally known fact that the bigger wish of every and each of us with no exception is to be portrayed in a Pop Art painting Style.

Such a global demand has been covered with The Pictomizer, at last, the day when the deepest of your dreams becomes true has already come. You don't have to wait any longer, just go to The Pictomizer page, follow the 3 simple steps to get your picture Pictomized and be the envy of your mates forever and ever.

About buying pictomized items

What do I get when I buy a Pictomized Picture?

You will get a high resolution .PNG file, a bitmap image format with lossless data compression which you can print at home and impress your family and friends, modify it as your wish or do whatever you want with it.

Printing it full colour at good quality is cheap, even more with your home printer, and mounted in a IKEA frame which costs no more than 10$ you could get a pretty gift for not much money.

What resolution is the file you send?

The Resolution will be 1500 x 1500 pixels, with that resolution you will have enough data to print a 15 x 15 inches (38 x 38 centimeters) document at 100 dpi (dots per inch).

Have a look these two high resolution generated examples, so you'll get an idea if the file pixel dimensions will be right for you:

How does the payment work?

Payment is made though the paypal servers, so your data is secure by all means. When you click the "buy now" button, browser will take you to the paypal payment page and there you'll be able to pay with your favourite method, once I get the confirmation email I'll send you the download link to the high resolution generated picture to the email address you provide on the paypal payment page or the email related to your PayPal account.

I already paid but nothing is on my inbox

Please be patient. Most common reason is that we could be in different time areas and it could be slepping time on my side. As soon as I get the confirmation payment email from PayPal I send the file, don't worry. The proccess shouldn't take longer than 12 hours, if you are in the same time zone as me (CET) normally that will be done in the next minutes after you make the payment and I get the confirmation from paypal.

However, if you think it's taking much more than what it should, you can always contact me. Just make sure first to check the spam folder just in case it went there

About the Site

How The pictomizer works?

The Pictomizer is a script made in PHP using the GD library.
The pictomized images use the font MgOpenModerna for the Helvetica-like quote text and the Alterebro Pixel Font for the watermark.

Who has done this thing?

The Pictomizer was done by Jorge Moreno, also known as moro, a Web Developer from Spain. I work as freelance so if you have an interesting project to work at, feel free to contact me.
You can also follow me on Twitter @alterebro if you want.